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ALDERAN RESOURCES LIMITED has commenced DRILLING OPERATIONS on Horn Silver Mines, Inc. properties in beaver county, utah

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Salt Lake City, October 4, 2017 - Horn Silver Mines, Inc. (“Horn Silver” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the first core drilling rig has arrived on the mining claims under lease to Alderan Resources. 

Alderan is in the final stages of the high definition Induced Polarization Survey over the entire Frisco Project (approximately 15 square miles).  IP, an abbreviation for induced polarization, is a method for detecting conductive compounds beneath the surface, which can be an important component of metallic ore bodies. This geophysical work, together with historical data and geologic mapping, has identified targets for a drilling program of up to 30,000 feet, set to begin in the next few days.

Employing a district wide evaluation, classical geologic exploration methods and modern geophysical techniques, Alderan has identified a number of exploration targets on the Company’s mining claims.

Initial drilling operations will be conducted in the Cactus Canyon Area. Cactus Canyon is a copper-gold-silver prospect within which the airborne magnetic survey and subsequent IP mapping has identified several structures that may be indicative of a porphyry copper deposit at depth. There has been historical mining in this area at the Cactus Mine, the workings of the Cactus Mine were associated with breccia zones adjacent to one of these structures.  The Cactus Canyon Area will be the focus of initial drilling to confirm the results of previous drilling activity and to correlate the data obtained from the geophysical work with core samples recovered from the current drilling program.

Horn Silver has provided a link to Alderan’s website below. Alderan’s Announcement contains further detail on the drilling program.

Horn Silver shareholders are encouraged to monitor the Alderan website for announcements of Alderan’s progress as the exploration activities are conducted and the results are reported.


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Alderan is a copper explorer with a focus on the Frisco Project, located in Utah, United States of America. The Frisco Project encompasses an area of significant historical mining activity with numerous old mines and workings across an area of approximately 7km by 4km. These include:

  • The Cactus copper-gold-silver deposit and breccia pipe, one of several mineralized breccia pipes over an area of approximately 1000 m by up to 400 m. Modelling of magnetic survey data demonstrates that these pipes are likely connected at depth;
  • The Accrington copper-zinc-silver-gold skarn, which hosts extensive mineralization across an area of 1.8 km by 1.2 km; and
  • The Horn zinc deposit, a historical lead-silver mine, which contains significant amounts of unmined high grade zinc.

Alderan believes that these three mineralized areas were formed contemporaneously with, and are genetically related to, underlying mineralized (copper-molybdenum-gold) porphyry intrusions. Work undertaken by the Alderan has confirmed the presence of a mineralized porphyry system beneath and adjacent to the Cactus breccia pipes.


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